• Colorado Judicial Institute

    The Colorado Judicial Institute is one of the only independent and nonpartisan citizen’s groups in the nation devoted to the excellence and independence of its state courts. Established in 1979, CJI was originally formed to preserve Colorado’s merit election system for judges. Its mission has broadened to include public education about the judiciary, support for judicial education, recognition of judicial excellence, and collaboration with the public, the legislature and the judiciary to improve Colorado’s courts.

    Colorado Bar Association

    The Colorado Bar Association is a voluntary professional organization dedicated to assisting members in their law practices. Benefits that are available only to CBA members include law office management seminars, membership in substantive law sections and committees, pro bono and public service opportunities,and discounts on continuing legal education (CLE) programs.

  • Colorado State Library

    The Colorado State Library (CSL) is a division within the Colorado Department of Education. CSL provides leadership and expertise to develop libraries and deliver information services throughout Colorado, improving the ability of libraries to serve their users. Some CSL services are primarily for libraries; other services directly serve the general public or designed for specific segments of the public.

    Colorado Community College System

    The Colorado Community College System is unique in the nation in its dual oversight of 13 community colleges and vocational education for the State of Colorado.
    • Career and academic programs in 13 state community colleges.
    • Career and technical programs in more than 160 school districts and seven other post-secondary institutions.
    • 1,200 secondary programs
    • 800 postsecondary programs

  • Colorado County Judges Association

    Colorado District Judges Association


    Faculty of Federal Advocates

    The Faculty of Federal Advocates is an organization of attorneys dedicated to improving the quality of legal practice in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.  The Faculty is committed to enhancing advocacy skills, professionalism and the integrity of the federal judicial system. To further these goals, the Faculty provides continuing legal education classes, mentoring and pro bono opportunities and other support services which foster and demonstrate commitment to the highest advocacy performance and ethical conduct by and among its members.

  • Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System

    The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) at the University of Denver is a national, non-partisan organization, dedicated to improving the process and culture of the civil justice system.  IAALS provides principled leadership, conducts comprehensive and objective research and develops innovative and practical solutions in the pursuit of a more transparent, fair and cost-effective system of justice in the United States.

    League of Women Voters of Colorado Education Fund (LWVCOEF)

    The League of Women Voters of Colorado Education Fund promotes informed participation in government by providing non-partisan educational information on topics of public concern and on the processes of government.

  • National Center for State Courts

    The mission of NCSC is to improve the administration of justice through leadership and service to state courts, and courts around the world. Through original research, consulting services, publications and national educational programs, NCSC offers solutions that enhance court operations with the latest technology; collects and interprets the latest data on court operations nationwide; and provides information on proven "best practices" for improving court operations. NCSC is an independent, nonprofit organization in accordance with Section 501(c)(3). NCSC disseminates information to state court leaders on key national policy issues and helps advocate their policies with Congress, as well as supports several prestigious national organizations.

    University of Colorado Law School

    A supportive and diverse community of scholars and students in a place that inspires vigorous pursuit of ideas, critical analysis and civic engagement in order to advance the rule of law in an open, sustainable society. Established in 1892, the University of Colorado Law School is a top 25 public law school located at the base of the inspiring Rocky Mountains. Colorado Law’s 500 students, selected from among the statistically best applicants in the nation, represent 100 undergraduate institutions and diverse backgrounds. The school has dual degree programs in business, environmental studies, telecommunications and public affairs. With a low faculty-to-student ratio, its highly published faculty is dedicated to interacting with students inside and outside the classroom. The school’s clinics, centers and programs focus on areas of strength, including natural resources and environmental, American Indian, juvenile and family, telecommunications policy, and sustainable energy law. Colorado Law’s graduates are leaders in their profession and committed to public interest work.

  • University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs

    The School of Public Affairs offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs.  Established in 1973, the School of Public Affairs is headquartered on the Downtown Denver campus and offers programs on the Colorado Springs campus as well. It is the only Colorado institution authorized to offer graduate degrees in public administration, and was ranked among the best 10 public urban universities offering the MPA.  The School of Public Affairs faculty and students are committed to working together to lead the fields of public affairs and criminal justice, solve pressing social problems and change communities for the better.

    University of Denver Sturm College of Law

    The University of Denver Sturm College of Law provides students with a rich experience. Its curriculum demands critical and analytical thinking, while its talented faculty stresses not only the importance of knowing the facts, but also the obligation of the ethical practice of law. And with its location at the foot of the Colorado Rockies, students live, work, and play in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.